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Many of the services provided by BTU Engineering can be combined or stand along depending on the customer’s needs. The following is a list of items typically included in our other services but can be specifically requested.

Sustainable Systems Consulting

Specializing in energy-efficient systems, the professional engineers at BTU Engineering provide expert services aimed to provide the client with the lowest life-cycle cost. Our expert design team will not only consider first-costs but also annual energy costs that can be significant.

One of the primary ambitions of sustainable or ‘green’ design is development and construction of buildings in a way that reduces use of non-renewable resources and minimizes environmental impact. Sustainable design is often viewed as a necessary tool for achieving sustainability and is based on a life cycle assessment to judge the environmental impact of ‘greenness’ of various design choices.

BTU Engineering provides sustainable design services to help you make those decisions that will have lasting effects on not only the environment, but your bottom line. We can partner with mechanical and/or architectural design firms to add sustainable evaluation used throughout the design process. BTU Engineering has the tools and skills necessary to provide important sustainable insights through Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) utilizing modern software including but not limited to SimaPro.


BTU Engineering has provided drafting services for numerous clients. We excel in providing as-built drawings of existing building systems.

HVAC Design

Please call 1-888-288-2126 or email for information about HVAC Design.

Industrial Engineering

Please call 1-888-288-2126 or email for information about Industrial Design.


Please call 1-888-288-2126 or email for any questions or ideas you may have.